About Us

Firstly, I would thank you for visiting this page and your keen interest in learning more about this blog owner.

This is Akhilesh Yadav, running this blog and keeping it updated to always deliver new and fresh content to its Blog Reader & Visitor. It has always been my passion to have a Blog related to education since my school days.

I know that this site domain might have not been always active due to some financial and technical reasons. The site has recovered from technical issues and now I am more determined to keep this site running forever.

This domain is active since 2012, and this was my owns first domain site on doing blogging. Blogging has always helped to me communicate information with readers and share my knowledge with readers. It has also ignited the entreprenuer inside me and has always given me a vision to do something big in life.

I thank you with all my heart for visiting this blog and reading some of posts. Do stay connected with this blog, I would be adding more Good posts worth learning. You can also connect with me on Social platforms like Facebook and twitter.